Clearing Up FAQs on Aankade
Here are some queries regarding how Aankade makes social media easy for you.

Aankade helps you to grow your business and save time on social media by bringing it all together on one easy-to-use platform. You can create and schedule unlimited posts in advance without logging in to each social media platform every day to post. This can save lot of time and hassle, and it can also help to be more consistent with your social media posting.

Aankade supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Aankade has many features that help you go further on social media. It can:
  1. Post to multiple social media networks from one place.
  2. Schedule social media posts across all your networks in one place
  3. Identify and fill gaps in your content calendar
  4. Bulk schedule hundreds of posts in advance And much more.

Absolutely. You can set up a demo at your convenience. Request a demo here

Want a know how to use Aankade Platform? Head over to YouTube and check out these videos: and don’t forget to subscribe to Aankade for a constant stream of helpful content.

Yes. You can use Aankade to create, schedule, and post Instagram feed posts, carousels, and Reels.

Aankade allows you to schedule content across all of your social media profiles, and see everything from a single calendar.

Yes. You can use Aankade to post and schedule Tweets.

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