Signs That Your Company And Marketing Team Aren’t Synced

Do you sense a disconnect between your company and the marketing team? If so, you’re not alone. But you will not be the last to overcome it too. 

The pandemic has caused a shift in workplace culture, leading to reduced interaction between coworkers. This has changed the entire dynamic of how companies work. 

Here are some signs that indicate a disconnection:

  • Difficulty in regulating workflow and timelines for the marketing team.
  • Decreased ROI from marketing efforts.
  • Struggles with executing social media marketing campaigns, including delays in publishing the posts.
  • Incomplete integration of marketing data with the outdated tools used by the team.
  • Siloed team structures and data due to limited interaction.

To overcome this disconnect, encourage team building and interaction. Additionally, provide them with efficient tools like Aankade, an online social media management platform, to streamline their work and automate campaign planning and goal setting. By addressing these issues, you can restore the connection and improve the productivity of your marketing team

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